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SUNDERLAND Ontario  The new home of COOArt

Check 5 weeks of Summer for your Kids to ROCK!




FALL 2017

COOart has the workshop for kids who wants to take on Cooking & Baking Competitions


Parental Activities and Tools



CooArt new  home

Sunderland Ontario a super  town in Brock Township only have a couple weeks we summer camp. Cooart was approached to service the kids with 4 amazing camp for the 2017 summer.


They will be learn living skills of a life time. We added  daily physical activity for a full fun experience.

Each week campers works with new cooking and baking  tools, skills  and amazing foody creation to take home.. It is reintroducing cooking and baking for the family.

The televised kids cooking and baking shows have inspired kids of 6 to 17 years old to actively participate in provide their family with great meals.

At Cooart we are committed having your kids being inspired to create the next generation of Foody Stars....

Posted  February 26 2017


At COOArt, our learning curve has a value. When one of our Birthday Party didn't left the 8 girls with a clear FUN experience. COOart partially refund  their cost. We took the feedback to the drawing table to reconfigure what was missing and to ROCK our  delivery  to the next level of performance. It is our way to say thank you for making us the TOP Party Choice ​in the Area.

It all began one afternoon in 2010 before I left to open an English school in China. Megan Croft was inspired by watching me cooking while she was drawing a picture for me to take in my next 12 months journey in Luo Yang, Henan.

In Iqaluit Nunavut, I was invited to create a cooking workshop. It created the understanding of preparing food in less than an hour with a minimal budget of $20 to serve a family of 4 with variance and basics food. The best fun was to incorporate the Inuit cultural food. I was hooked by the  excitement from the woman that they can eliminate the amount of chemicals found in processed food. 

Megan inspired me to open this concept of teaching  EXPANDABLE LIVING to the community. She is part of this SUCCESS and want to LIVE IT and inspire DUPLICATION among the children in our communities. They are our FUTURE and they can ROCK it.


Our goal is to extend this connectivity by inspire Young People, Teenager to CHOOSE a life that works. We are committed to provide tools to have the planet understand that we can live in a powerful world of abundance.

.COOart is a program for children who want to EXPLORE a new way of living by eating the food they love without the harmful chemicals found in the common processed food This workshop is for children that wants to make differences in their lives by learning faster, playing longer and doing more fun things at the same time. It encourages choosing powerfully through cooking and all art medium.

It is all about Self-Expression & Self-Responsibility for a better world to share.

Posted May 25 2013







VISIT COOart curator CAM Friedmann at the Sunderland Studio booth during the Sunderland Maple Syrup Festival April 1st & 2nd 2017.


STAY  TUNED for your local registration dates for the Brock Township coming soon  right here and a across the social medias.

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