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CHINA 2014


In 2010 my Toronto neighbour Elton Lu a Luoyang native invited me to join his newly opened English after school program Maple Leaf Education. The next 12 months were magical. I met amazing kids from the age of 3 to 17 years old. My work at the school included designing catered program for the Spring and Summer Camp. 


This summer, I went back to Luoyang to map my dream project to introduce this fast growing cultaural part of the world taht is more then 4,500 years old. There is so many things and places to discover. 


Mandy and Angel were in the advance speaking class with Serena Elton and Michelle's oldest daughter. Serena is back in Canada and leaves now in Vancouver B.C. When I visited last June I met with Angel and Mandy who are still taking English classes every Saturday with Yao Da Na aka Diana.


I created a TV script to shoot a segment on making brownies with the upmost decadent chocolat made in Orangeville Canada. The girsl loved the experience of working their verb conjugaison and context of speaking in the from of the camera. They not only cook but also manage the camera and sound.





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