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When you first experience COOart, you will notice that the excitement is palpable: you can feel the energy of our participants, sense the vibrancy of adventure during the activities, and grasp the wonder of discovery in our classrooms around the world as students and staff engage in authentic creative thinking. Our task at COOart is to “ignite the unique spark of genius” within each apprentice. Our instructors can shift the children’s thinking about himself or herself and, more importantly as an individual, he or she relates to the world. Our goal is to build leaders who have the courage to take intellectual and creative risks and the skills to communicate and work effectively with others.

Imagine a world full of peace because the children are equipped to solve innate conflict. Imagine eliminating enmity because our children have been immersed in compassion and fellowship. Imagine entering a society expunged of corruption because our Y generation understand that when dealing with others, they must do it with integrity. Imagine COOart children creating becoming the educators of the future for a world we have always dreamt of, a world we have always wanted.

Our goal is to seek uncommon and innovative approaches to education. Thus the Cooart family reaches its rich tradition by initiating ground-breaking around the world technology concept courses to connect our global community of Art Medium. Through worldwide ground classrooms, students partner in classes during the academicals school break and extending the classes on digital media education. Our global classrooms shared amongst Canada will broaden children’s global perspective. This is the start of a global venture for children to collaborate together for the future of the world.

Our passion for guiding future global leaders is at the center of our mission. We invite our participants and our parents to explore the COOart vision that includes a tapestry of Linguistic and Multi-Media programs and varied extracurricular offerings that reflect our global mindedness. We welcome you to read through this website but, more importantly, for you to come and spend some time with us, to experience for yourselves the energy, the vibrancy, the wonder of it all.

ROCK the day like a child at play.

Great regards,

Clotilde Anne-Marie Friedmann


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