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At COOart we have not invented the wheel, we just are the continuum of learning children use the moment the come out of the womb. For the first 3 years of the human life the speed of learning is unmeasurable.

We invite transformation into an unlimited context of living. Rather than live in a world of 'I'm not good enough.' or 'I can't do it.' or 'I m doing the best that I can.' We create an safe environment for children to foster self-confidence with self-responsibility of shifting the inner voice to 'I'm going to ROCK this.' or 'Bringing it on.'

COOart works and encourages parents to partnership with us in creating a NEW Way of Living for children to share the wealth and abundance of the world.

"ROCK the day like a child at play!"


Children deserve an education that will create effectiveness and efficiency to sustain the current competitive world. It is all about creating accessibility to the mass. They spend the majority of their time at school learning what is to learn lacking motivation and interest at times. COOart teaches Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry sciences through cooking and movement. Children understand EGO and doubt through Meditation and Art Mediums. They document their journey with writing, speech, photography  and filming.




Our 35 years of coaching experience define us from the crowd. Our uncommon approach to elevate productivity and performance is a successful formula.  The passion we have for the children of the world crafts a partnership among children of all countries.

COOart uses wisdom living technologies from around the world to fast forward clarity of execution. Many scholars have develop amazing tutorial to choose powerfully to exist in wholesome harmony.  Our parents loves what the children create for themselves and educate the adults of a simple and effective peaceful living. 

It inspires the children to live with the concept of self-responsibility and recognize that they are the master at the control of the ship to get what they want on demand. It become a contagious state of  mind that rubs off onto the adults of the world. 

The future of the world is in the hands of the children. In order to have them ROCK the planet, we are required to provide them with the ultimate tools for success. The staff we have around the world is the utmost passionate, caring and highly trained individuals to transform the launchpad for the children to propel a New Way of Living for generation to come. They are building a legacy of LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY, FUNCTIONALITY and PERFORMANCE for a world to foresee the universe.  




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